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Member Spotlight: Shane Fletcher

If you ask Shane what he wants to do with nursing,  he’ll definitely have a long list of answers. He entered the field due to its versatility and endlessly possibilities. Trained as an EMT and experience scribing with physicians in an acute setting, Shane loves the idea of working in an every changing environment. He’s excited to become involved in the decision making processes of SNA at the national level and looks forward to networking and learning from other nursing professionals and students at convention. 

Fun Fact: I'm a nursing might is that working out?......well at least I knew about these diseases beforehand. Besides that, I love traveling, Korean barbecue, podcasts, and learning how to invest in the stock and real estate market. 

Why Nursing School?

I chose nursing school because of the endless opportunities that this career has to offer. I am able to fulfill so many aspects of my professional desires with nursing. I can do anything from working bedside to management to being 10,000 feet in the air as a flight nurse. All of these jobs have one thing in common, that I will be providing care to people in need and hopefully making a positive dent at some time frame in their life. Some specialty interests that I have in nursing are working in the emergency department, trauma ICU, nurse anesthesia, and being a nurse entrepreneur. 

What does SNA mean to you?

SNA provides me the opportunity to connect with the community. Not only am I able to give back my time, but I am also networking with other health professionals and building connections that I can utilize down the road to grow professionally and personally. My colleagues and I are also able to represent the UNLV Nursing program to the public and showcase our values and successes in the community which further grows our program's image in academia. 

Most Memorable Nursing School Experience

My proudest accomplishment in the nursing program thus far is my ongoing research with Dr. Tran.  We researching which interventions are the most effective for lowering blood pressure in college aged young adults. A key point of nursing education is promoting and educating a healthy lifestyle to prevent health complications down the road. With this opportunity, I am able to quantify what I am learning in a research setting. I hope that this experience provides me the opportunity and knowledge to formulate my own research one day. 

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