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Member Spotlight: Beatrice Mendoza

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Meet the woman behind it all, she may work behind-the-scenes but our Communications Director/Vice Pre

sident-elect deserves every bit of spotlight we can shine on her. Beatrice has helped kicked off our marketing efforts through our social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YT videos. She's the woman behind our posts. She's turned around and made our presence felt within the community. On top of that, she's actively involved with our volunteer events. While busy is an understatement in nursing school, Bea will never settle for anything less than excellent results – with her projects as our Communications Director and, most especially when taking care of patients in clinical as a Student Nurse.

Nursing School Level: 3

Fun Fact:  If I wasn't in nursing school, I'd be eating, cooking, traveling and making videos for YouTube! I love to travel for food and I'm on a constant hunt for recipes that bring nostalgia from the places I've been to!

Why Nursing School? 

I chose to become a nurse because of the opportunity to live a meaningful life by comforting and advocating for patients on a daily basis. I want to challenge myself every day and inspire others to provide care that will not always cure but will definitely make a difference in a patient’s life.

What SNA means to you? 

SNA has been a huge part of my nursing school career and it has allowed me to contribute to my community more than just bedside care. Because of SNA, I was able to volunteer at events such as Life is Beautiful, attend the Shining Stars Gala in Reno, NV, and become more connected to other UNLV Nursing students and faculty. It has been such an amazing experience and I am looking forward to serving as the next Vice President of SNA! 

Your Most Memorable SNA Experience? 

My most memorable SNA experience would be listening to the presentation by Dr. Menes, the ER doctor who saved hundreds of lives after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. I still have chills to this day just remembering his stories. It was so inspiring to hear how much teamwork and collaboration occurred on the night of 1 October and I aspire to live by his words - “When we put on our uniform each day, there is no telling what surprise today will hold. Prepare for the worst and everything else is easy.” 

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