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Member Spotlight: Lauren Shipton

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Our members and officers like to take on many roles and wear many hats. Lauren is one of them. She is the Level Representative for her cohort,  took the initiative to start a Q&A board with the Nevada Homeless Youth Project, and initiated certification classes for UNLV SNA with the Stop the Bleed campaign. To top it off, Lauren is pre-slated to run as the Western Regional Director for the Nominations and Elections Committee with NSNA. Join us in sending positive vibes for Lauren for the NSNA National Election!!

Nursing School Level: 2

Fun fact:

I love singing and making people laugh! In another life, I'd love to be on Broadway AND Saturday Night Live. 

Why Nursing School?

Making a career out of your passions is a rarity. Science, medicine, people, complex problem-solving.....all my favorite things! In all seriousness,  I really do have a deep-seated desire to work in Healthcare and to make an impact in my community. 

What SNA means to you? 

SNA means growth. It provides the launchpad for bringing new opportunities and programs to the community and to the students. Since starting the program, I have spearheaded a health Q&A program with the Nevada Youth Homeless Project, where the clients can have their questions answered by UNLV nursing students. Most recently, I also facilitated a certification class for the Stop the Bleed initiative, where our student nurses can now volunteer to help teach the community about stopping life-threatening injuries. 

Your Most Memorable Nursing School Experience? 

My level 2 clinical experience on the Oncology floor has been an overall highlight of nursing school so far. Although very challenging,  it has also been extremely rewarding! I feel like I have learned an incredible amount of information and lessons in a relatively short period. 

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