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Member Spotlight: Larry Sears

Our next member spotlight is also one of those familiar faces you see at a majority of the events – be it for our volunteer events, speaker events, or mixers, Larry is no stranger to them. He is also one of the forces behind this crowdfunding campaign! Larry is proactive, reliable and passionate. As a previous Level Representative, Larry led by example. He was active and present at most events. As our new Fundraising Director, we hit the ground running with this crowdfunding campaign! We are very excited for what Larry brings to SNA and what he’s about to bring back from convention!

Nursing Level:2

Fun Fact: I’ve been on multiple game shows

Why Nursing? 

After years of working corporate jobs that left me feeling pressured and stressed, I wanted a career that was going to give me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I volunteered at 2 different hospitals and knew very soon after that this was the career for me. 

What SNA means to you?

SNA is a space where students & faculty are able to work together and become involved with the community to promote the purpose of nursing: helping others learn, grow & thrive. 

Your most memorable Nursing School experience? 

So far, the most memorable moment was when we visited the homeless shelter as a part of our community nursing clinical. It was such a touching yet rewarding experience to be a resource and be able to help a group of people who may not get health education and assistance elsewhere. 

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