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Member Spotlight: Justin LeMay

Our next member spotlight is Justin LeMay. Chances are you’ve already met Justin if you’ve met the level 3 cohort. Justin is never afraid to speak his mind. He’s known in our class as the avid textbook reader. Justin can probably tell you the exact quote, page number and rationale for an argument he’s making. Of all his accolades however, Justin truly shines in being a patient advocate. He empathizes with his patients, takes the time to communicate with them and explain his plan of care. He’s also never afraid to call out questionable practices. We are excited for what he’ll bring back to SNA from convention! 

Nursing School Level:3

Fun Fact:  I am a modern hippie :).  

Why Nursing School? 

Simply put, I chose Nursing School because I want to be the change I wish to see.  I want to provide the nurturing care that we are taught to give. I want to teach patients and help them grow to ensure that they actually learn from their current situation. I want to provide the emotional support that many people need when they are in the hospital.  I want to help my patients get well and remain well

What SNA means to you?

SNA is a good medium that helps build a strong network amongst students and faculty. We are sent to convention where there are ample networking opportunities for us to share concepts and ideas that add value to our practice in our future profession. 

SNA also serves as a good resource for community outreach. We’ve participated in community service events where we get experience whilst giving back to the community.  Volunteering at the Life is Beautiful event is a prime example of that.  We got to practice our assessment and basic triage skills while helping the community by promoting wellness and recovery.  

Most Memorable Nursing School Experience: 

I have a couple nursing school experiences that are significant to me. Again, one of the main reasons I got into nursing is that I want to provide nurturing care and emotional support. On multiple occasions I have been given positive feedback from patients that made me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in nursing. Many of my patients tell me that I am really caring, that I have excellent bedside manner, and that they are very grateful for all I have done for them.  That tells me that I am doing my job correctly.  Yes, charting matters.  Yes, patient safety matters.  Yes, healthcare economics matters.  However, treating the patient with the nurturing kindness that they deserve matters above all.

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