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Member Spotlight: Aaron Quiamzon

Today’s spotlight features our incoming Communications Director, Aaron Quiamzon. If we need something blasted on social media, be assured that Aaron is ever reliable. He’s very proactive and is a joy to work with. Aaron is also very passionate about helping others. We’re very excited for what he has in store for our Media/Communications team specially with our presence at this year’s NSNA convention!

Fun Fact: I visited Iceland last summer right before I began nursing school! I'd really like to travel more and will hopefully get to accomplish that goal in the near future.

Why Nursing School?: The people. 100%. Since I was a young kid, I knew I was passionate about helping others; it's how I felt most impactful. Given my affinity for science and medicine, when it came to choosing a career, I gravitated towards nursing because of how oriented we are towards people. Odds are, we are interacting with patients who are going through some of the most challenging days of their lives. As future nurses, our care is the impetus for allowing people to live happy, healthy lives; and there's something to be said about the power that we hold to help them through it, and put a smile on their face. 

What does SNA mean to you? There is always SO much going on in nursing school and SNA allows me to feel involved with it all. My colleagues and I have worked tremendously hard to get into this program, and it's great to be able to serve so many like-minded individuals and help influence their journeys as fellow student nurses. With how busy our schedules are, SNA gives me the opportunity to provide ways to keep nursing students involved with leadership and our community, who we are ultimately serving once we enter our profession - why not start now?

Your Most Memorable Nursing School Experience? One of the coolest experiences I've had so far is my community clinical with the Clark County School District this semester. I shadowed a fantastic school nurse and got to see what they do at an elementary, middle, and high school. Unlike what most people think, they don't just apply band-aids and give ice packs. Just like in the acute care setting, they are always following the nursing process and making sure that each student is healthy enough to be getting the education that they deserve. I got to see just how versatile nursing is and how many professions being a nurse allows you to go into. Education is something I'm really passionate about as well, and it was very inspiring to see where both of those worlds collided! 

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