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Member Spotlight: Aaron (AJ) Cook

Today’s spotlight is on AJ Cook, our self-motivated and proactive NSNA consultant. Given that he just started nursing school, we’re excited to see the kind of growth he will influence with UNLV-SNA. If something needs to get done or initiated, AJ is the person to turn to. He not only gets it done, he gets it done quickly and in a meticulous fashion. He is proactive and enthusiastic about all things NSNA. We’re thrilled to have him as our consultant and are excited for what’s to come

with the NSNA convention! 

Name: AJ Cook

Nursing School Level: 1

Fun FactI love tropical and warm climates and used to sail competitively in high school. In addition to sailing I love being in the water and am an advanced SCUBA diver. 

Why Nursing School? 

I have always enjoyed helping people and the medical field has always fascinated me. I was first trained in CPR in high school and became a lifeguard in college while obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in stage management. After obtaining my BFA and while working as a stage manager, I obtained my EMT license and have been working on the side as an EMT. Transitioning to a career in nursing is great way to use the people skills I learned as a stage manager and combine it with my passion for helping others. I'm a strong believer in being able to have a career in a field that you enjoy doing, and nursing helps bring all my passions together! 

What SNA means to you? 

SNA allows students to be introduced to the professional field of nursing and bring the expertise they have learned to the community around them. It provides a gateway to transition from a student nurse to a nurse leader. Nursing school is intense. The comradery of SNA allows for growth and confidence among its members. While organizing events and volunteering in the community, we have the opportunity to have an immediate impact on those around us, and network with industry professionals. I'm really looking forward to helping elevate UNLV SNA to being a premier leader within the National Student Nurses Association. Attending the NSNA conference will help us gain valuable leadership experience to bring back and share with our fellow classmates. 

Your Most Memorable Nursing School Experience? 

My favorite moment is seeing how my clinical group has grown since day one. Day one of clinical we were all nervous, but now we walk into all of our patients' rooms with confidence. During our last simulation experience we were all laughing and enjoying the moment, especially seeing each other dressed up in ridiculous costumes while acting for the patient simulated scenarios. 

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